A Pea in the Pod: Baby Shower Gifts Like You’ve Never Seen

A. Dor. Able!

We are used to seeing diaper cakes by now, but seriously, is this not adorable?! This “Pea in the Pod” is a great alternative to the traditional diaper cake, and is bound to be a hit at the next shower you attend. It comes in green, pink, or blue. Contact me to order yours today!

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  1. OMG this is the cutest thing ever!!!

  2. Coming Soon…. more scarves… little girl hair bows and tutu’s.

  3. Sandra Rosario

    This is so adorable…I know how to make it! Have you seen the motocycle diaper cake?

  4. How much for twins? (one boy and one girl).

  5. How do I order one of these?

  6. shameka coachman

    I would like to order three of these. How much do they cost?

  7. Admirable artwork and really surprising package of innovative diaper cake.Whether you prefer traditional and modern diaper cake,this new diaper cake idea Pea in the Pod will be becoming right choice.

  8. I would like to get one of these how much for the Pea in Pod Thanks Tina

  9. Gayla Thompson

    I would like to order the pea in a pod. My email is tandgatrbr@yahoo.com

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