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Baby shower items are at the heart of my business – diaper “cakes”, “candy” rolls, diaper “sundaes”, wash cloth “lollipops”, and more! I enjoy creating fun, engaging gifts and centerpieces that can come in handy long after the guest leave. And for a new mom, trust me – the useful gifts will be much appreciated! Whether you are attending the shower as a guest or planning the party for a loved one; whether you’re bringing a single gift, or one for the center of every table, we’ve got you covered! Check out my price list below for details, and the pics!

*We will ship anywhere in the U.S.

My cozy creations are my best sellers during the chilly months! The detail and personality put into each piece will be sure to keep you toasty. Neck warmers, scarves, head wraps, and other apparel are all hand made and one of a kind, and can ship anywhere in the U.S. A great gift idea!

And many, many more designs! For more information, contact me: darcel_g@yahoo.com.

  1. Does pea in a pod come in peas?? My friends daughter in law is having twins and that is the theme for the shower and I would love to order one if comes with two peas. Thanks

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